Bodega Marichal

For over 70 years, Bodega Marichal has been a family boutique winery. Following the family tradition, as well as using the most modern winemaking techniques, Marichal produces Premium Uruguayan wines.

Their wines are born from grapes that are grown in their own vineyards, located in Etchevarría, Canelones, in the South of Uruguay. These vineyards lie just 25 km away from the sea. Therefore, the weather is warm and sunny at daytime and cool at night. These conditions offer the ideal frame for the vines to obtain their optimum growth and expression.

Marichal approach to working is professionally oriented, implementing state-of-the-art oenological technology, while at the same time treating each barrel and each bottle of wine with extreme care and attention.
The infrastructure of the winery has the basic elements in order to yield different varieties of wine in small volumes, and in this way they achieve the personality that their land offers, which is what defines their identity.

100% handpicked grapes and a small family winery allow Bodega Marichal to obtain every harvest unique handcrafted wines.

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  1. Discovery Case

    Discovery Case


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    • BDS Viognier Vineyard Select 2015
    • De Lucca Marsanne Reserve 2015
    • VDV Estival 2016
    • VDV Arneis/Chardonnay 2015
    • BDS Marselan Vineyard Select 2015 
    • De Lucca Syrah Reserve 2011
    • VDV Tannat Reserve 2014
    • De Lucca Tannat Merlot Reserve 2013
    • BDS Marselan Ltd Ed 2009
    • BDS Tannat V. Select 2015
    • Vinedo de los Vientos Notos 2015
    • BDS Cabernet Franc 2015
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  2. End of Summer Sale - Red

    End of Summer Sale - Red


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    De Lucca Syrah Reserve 2011 * 2

    VDV Tannat 2014 * 2

    BDS Marselan Vineyard Select 2015 * 2

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