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“We discovered Wines of Uruguay and Uruguayan wine a year ago. The more time we spend with them, the more we like them. They are distinctive, particularly the Viognier and the Tannat based wines, with a singular character to which our customers have become greatly attached. Service is personal and exceptional. Our favoured wine supplier.”

Colin Boswell, The Garlic Farm, Dec 2010

“These wines taste fantastic. I think the range on offer here is a great representation of quality from the smaller scale producers of Uruguay. I believe you can taste the difference between these artisan wines and the better known wines that flood out of South America.”

Richard Hodgson, The Isle of Wight Cheese Company

“We met Carla in November 2009. She presented, very professionally through a wine tasting, a wide selection of delightful wines from her home country.

We introduced a “specials” page to our wine list featuring an excellent blend of red and white wines from the various vineyards available. We have been delighted with the customer feedback and the quality and consistency of the wines. We still have a feature page of wines from Uruguay.

We are delighted with the excellent service and wine quality offered by Carla’s company.”

Paul and Cheryl Judge, The Leconfield Hotel