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The UK's premier importer of Uruguayan wines.

Bizarra is a movement that originates in Santiago Deicas’ passion and obsession for innovation.

It started a few years ago by making craft beer; he then decided to apply some of these techniques to make natural wine. This range aims to experimenting with oenology and its limits.

With the first vintage being 2018, and small quantities made, these are quickly becoming some of the most sought after vanguard wines from Uruguay.

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Bizarra Extravaganza Orange Wine 2020Bizarra Extravaganza Orange Wine 2020Our price: From £16.99ViewMade of 50% Petit Manseng and 50% Gros Manseng, from sustainable farming in the Juanico regionBizarra Extravaganza AMPHORA Tannat 2020Bizarra Extravaganza AMPHORA Tannat 2020Our price: From £17.99ViewAround 7,000 years ago, wine-loving humans started to cultivate grapes rather than foraging them, and fashioned clay pots, which they filled with grapes and buried in the ground to maintain the temperature, and in which, over several months, the magic of winemaking happened. We wanted to go back to the origins and do the same by using only a clay amphora, grapes and the indigenous yeast that are naturally present in the skins.Bizarra Extravaganza Tannarone 2018Bizarra Extravaganza Tannarone 2018Our price: From £17.99ViewWe have all eaten a raising and noticed how the flavours and aromas are concentrated, while having very little water content.Bizarra Extravaganza Albarino Dark Side 2021Bizarra Extravaganza Albarino Dark Side 2021Our price: £24.00ViewAlbariño can produce young explosive aromatic driven wines, or mouth filling wines like this one.
Bizarra Extravaganza Espresso Tannat 2021Bizarra Extravaganza Espresso Tannat 2021Our price: £24.00ViewMade of 100% Tannat grapes, from sustainable farming in the Sierra de Mahoma region.Bizarra Extravaganza Tannat Cold Brew 2021Bizarra Extravaganza Tannat Cold Brew 2021Our price: £24.00ViewMade of 100% Tannat grapes, from sustainable farming in the Sierra de Mahoma and San José regions.2-pack South America Wine Guide exploration2-pack South America Wine Guide explorationOur price: £57.90ViewExplore the wines of South America with this specially-curated selection picked by Amanda Barnes, author of The South America Wine Guide.
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