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Cerro del Toro

Cerro del Toro winery was started by the Norwegian businessman, Lars T Ugland and the Kambara family from Japan in 2016 in a joint venture, with the goal of making top quality wines on their estate in Maldonado. Located on the north-eastern face of the Cerro del Toro hill in an 800-hectare estate in Piriápolis. Cerro del Toro vineyard currently have 28 hectares of vines planted

The vineyard has been separated into different sectors and the soils are predominantly rocky soils with clay loam, granite, calcium carbonate and decomposed metamorphic rocks. Every aspect of the vineyard is exposed to the strong maritime breeze – just a couple kilometres from the sea – with a slope gradient of 12 to 15% and altitudes ranging from 60 to 128 m.a.s.l.

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CERRO DEL TORO CHARDONNAY RESERVE 2021CERRO DEL TORO CHARDONNAY RESERVE 2021Our price: From £17.99Sale price: From £14.99ViewUnoaked and displaying all the lovely bright characteristics of the variety. A very refined style with good weight in the palate thanks to the ageing on its fine lees.CERRO DEL TORO TANNAT CLASICO 2020CERRO DEL TORO TANNAT CLASICO 2020Our price: From £14.99ViewThis Tannat without oak aging expresses all the character of the variety. Its ripe tannins give structure to an intense and colourful, full-bodied wine with a precise acidity making it very juicy.CERRO DEL TORO ALBARIÑO ATLÁNTICO 2022CERRO DEL TORO ALBARIÑO ATLÁNTICO 2022Our price: From £15.99View CERRO DEL TORO MERLOT RESERVE 2020CERRO DEL TORO MERLOT RESERVE 2020Our price: From £17.99View
CERRO DEL TORO PINOT NOIR RESERVE 2020CERRO DEL TORO PINOT NOIR RESERVE 2020Our price: From £20.99Sale price: From £17.99ViewHalf of the wine was aged in French oak barrels for 12 months. Lightly filteredCERRO DEL TORO ALBARIÑO SOBRE LIAS 2021CERRO DEL TORO ALBARIÑO SOBRE LIAS 2021Our price: From £22.99ViewAged on its fermentation lees, as the label makes clear, this is a single-parcel wine from the very cool climate block Sur 3. Stony yet rich, with a hint of peach, apricot and honey, lots of concentration and weight and the zip that's part of the Cerro del Toro styleCerro del Toro Singular Chardonnay Fosiles 2020Cerro del Toro Singular Chardonnay Fosiles 2020Our price: £33.00ViewHundreds of millions of years ago, the slopes of Cerro del Toro where the vineyard is located, formed part of the seabed, were over time fossils of Acritarchs, small ancient marine organisms, deposited on the rocks. The SUR 20 Chardonnay plot is planted on this type of calcareous clay loam soil, oriented southeast facing the Atlantic, which is just 2km away. With that fruit we make this unique white.
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