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Viñedo de los Vientos

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The property has been in the Fallabrino family since 1947. With an aim to produce great wines in small quantities, in 1998, the Fallabrino family completed, an ultra modern winery with stainless steel tanks, pneumatic presses and French oak barrels. Despite these modern tools they like to make wine with forgotten or less-known old wine-making techniques.

Over the past 17 years the vineyards have been completely replanted transforming the vineyards into a world class viticultural property.

The winemaker, Pablo Fallabrino, a laid back good natured surfer, is the perfect catalyst to create a world class winery. His approach is not to over think the winemaking process; instead, he runs with his instincts, takes chances and makes extraordinary wines with his own personal signature.


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Bodega Pablo Fallabrino Soul Surfer Indica 2020Bodega Pablo Fallabrino Soul Surfer Indica 2020Our price: From £10.99Sale price: From £8.99ViewCBD infused BarberaBodega Pablo Fallabrino Soul Surfer Sativa 2020Bodega Pablo Fallabrino Soul Surfer Sativa 2020Our price: From £11.99Sale price: From £8.99ViewCBD infused wineBodega Pablo Fallabrino Catarsis 2018Bodega Pablo Fallabrino Catarsis 2018Our price: From £12.99Sale price: From £9.99View50% Ruby Cabernet 40 % Barbera 10% TannatBodega Pablo Fallabrino Barbera Especial 2020Bodega Pablo Fallabrino Barbera Especial 2020Our price: From £13.99ViewBarbera is a variety originally from the Piedmont, in North West Italy.
Bodega Pablo Fallabrino Notos 2020Bodega Pablo Fallabrino Notos 2020Our price: From £13.99ViewFrom a very small production (2000 bottles)Bodega Pablo Fallabrino Arneis Chardonnay 2020Bodega Pablo Fallabrino Arneis Chardonnay 2020Our price: From £14.99ViewPablo Fallabrino’s vineyards in Atlántida are the source of some of Uruguay’s most intriguing wines. This is a co-fermentation of the Piedmontese grape Arneis with 40% Chardonnay that has some tannic structure and a palate of tangerine, pear, blanched almonds and waxed lemon.Bodega Pablo Fallabrino Estival 2022Bodega Pablo Fallabrino Estival 2022Our price: From £14.99ViewCo-fermented Gewürztraminer, 30% Chardonnay and 10% Moscato Bianco. Engagingly aromatic, with ginger and rose petal notes, it has good underlying density, chalky minerality and pear and citrus fruit intensity.Bodega Pablo Fallabrino Anarkia Tannat 2020Bodega Pablo Fallabrino Anarkia Tannat 2020Our price: From £15.99View'Anarkia is entirely fermented in stainless steel - Pablo Fallabrino says he wants to express his terroir rather than oak - and is made without added sulphur in a natural style. Spicy and complex, it has lovely bramble and orange zest flavours and an earthy finish.'
Bodega Pablo Fallabrino Austros 2015Bodega Pablo Fallabrino Austros 2015Our price: From £16.99ViewA delicious blend of 85% TANNAT with 15 % RUBY CABERNETBodega Pablo Fallabrino El Elefante Pisador 2023Bodega Pablo Fallabrino El Elefante Pisador 2023Our price: £19.00ViewMade from 100% sustainably farmed Aromatic Traminer, this wine is unfiltered and therefore a little cloudy.Alcyone Tannat Dessert WineAlcyone Tannat Dessert WineOur price: From £23.99ViewLOW STOCKAngel's Cuvèe Ripasso de Tannat 2016Angel's Cuvèe Ripasso de Tannat 2016Our price: From £26.99ViewDiscover raisin like characters through each layer. Strong white truffle earth flavors, accentuated with a refined gaminess, only found in a deep wooded forest, brushed with an overtone of roasted fennel are extracted from the 18 month's of barrel aging. The rhubarb marmalade accents flow through the palate with ease, as do the olive oil and hazelnut characters.
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